The Wombats | Your Body is a Weapon

There are a lot of things to celebrate today. Foremost, I’m happy that my current source of happiness is exceptionally doing fine; second, today’s the official start for my new job; third, today’s the release of the latest Wombats track called ‘Your Body is a Weapon’. And so on. Though the first two are worth the talk, I’d rather want focus on the third for this purpose.

About to release their third album just yet, I am very eager of The Wombats’ come back in full circle underground―in which signals the failure of the scissors and papers as rock reigns once again. But much to my intent of expressing my deep adoration for these Liverpool prince’s, I somehow, always, find myself a step back away as most people do not appreciate them, or worse, do not know them at all. It always feel uncomfortable playing A Guide to Love, Loss, and Desperation or This Modern Glitch around people, before. But that was before. I have actually learned that people doesn’t really need to love everything (including music and bands) I fall in love with, just as how I’m not obliged to appreciate their own respective tastes. So in full awe, I am loudly playing my freshly downloaded copy of ‘Your Body is a Weapon’ right at this moment.

There are three main reasons why I’m flatly ear-glued to this track: (1) the catchy promotional mv, (2) its coincidence with my current state for the past few weeks, and (3) the fact that it’s The Wombats. The track is a little dark in a good way, getting me revved up, petting that distinct impression that it might run as hell and make its way on top of my most love tracks for this year. Despite under-production, as expected from an indie group, everything about it sounds huge, from the girthy sounds to the infectious chorus.

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