Klangkarussell | Netzwerk

While the Starks will have to be bothered yet again for another year before 'the winter’ comes back on screen, the sun here in Ph shows no trace of it, as the summer season keeps on extending. Thus, comes a good summer anthem [recall massive ‘Sonnentanz’ a few years ago]. Klangkarussell’s newest track called ‘Netzwerk’, deliciously synthpop in its core, is different from any song around at the moment. This re-proves the duo's capability of making tasty music, that even at a point in time when I don’t really demand myself the need to listen to it, I crave.

But perhaps, the more amazing thing about it is its vid featuring Mustang Wanted,  totally injuring my psyche after watching the whole clip, that I found it indispensable to write about it. It's hard to comprehend what’s wrong with going on inside this man's head while dangling himself on those skyscrapers, cranes, and all those towering structures all for a wrecking roof party. It’s a total mix of eye-gluing, heart-fainting, mind-blowing, and not to mention, terribly earth shattering perfect piece of shit. That which reminds me back to a lesson from the distant Game of Thrones’ pilot episode pointing on Brandon Stark – be careful boy, winter is still coming.

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