Ellie Goulding | Goodness Gracious

I was supposed to write about ‘Beating Heart’, a track off Divergent I was listening to for a couple of days now, but found this other more interesting Ellie Goulding track on the subway. 

It’s a pleasant and wonderful dense tale of keeping people who are no good in your life, of life being unfair, and of terrible ironies, clichés, and a lot more. That it all boils doen to the fact that deep down, we are creatures of habit, and sometimes we are programmed to like things we are not supposed to like, to yearn for things we’re not supposed to get. We tend to be like some dogs on the streets fancying over a class A human restaurant. We are forced to believe on some falsities our hearts desire that aren’t even close enough to what we really deserve. Apparently, we’re just some assholes immersing ourselves to various forms of shits, then later hate ourselves for being knee-deep on that shit we throw ourselves into. And sadly, we’ll never know why.

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