Beck | Say Goodbye

Guess what. The mournful ‘Say Goodbye’ is slated to be the next release off Beck’s 2014 gem Morning Phase. This is special to me especially that this track reminds me of how great Beck is. It actually effortlessly grows as a personal all-time-fave Beck hit next to ‘Nobody’s Fault But My Own’ right now.

Heavily going way too out of the scene (as I see it) during the last (at least) five years, the Beck-is-done bandwagon has gone full circle. Fortunately, my hopes for Beck’s return have born again as the press releases went out late last year about the possible comeback with a new set of record list to end that senseless preconception. Not too long after that, early this year, Morning Phase was officially sold out in the market for a piece of fest. 

Meanwhile, while the album is filled with a Sea Change vibe, I was rather hooked with this other standout, ‘Say Goodbye’. At the first listen I thought, it was intoxicating and fucking gorgeous, solely with the lyrics of internal rhymes, clever consonance, and a resonating, familiar, painful topic we all know about – goodbye. 

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