The 1975 | Robbers

Let me start by declaring that this is music at perfection. The 1975, I believe is one of the best lyricists in the technical sense, talk about strong poetic sense and concise structure, with the exact amount of ambiguity in their past singles, enabling open possibilities of connection ports for whoever who listens to them, with ‘Robbers’ also living up to The 1975 music tread. 

Robbers’  lyrics were quite misleading, but it somehow revolves around that certain force (whatever that is) that keeps them intact, living in torn strings, bathing in pessimistic showers, even if everything is falling apart and does nothing good. I think the title ‘Robbers’ is metaphorically used, of them robbing each other the happiness and chances in store for them while they stay for and/or with each other, denying themselves the pleasures of reality outside the relationship. Despite the darkness ruling over the whole thing, it’s undeniable that the concept is full of love and ardour, or something close to that. Digging further, it’s not really entirely just about an intoxicated couple robbing a store, fueling their poisonous relationship as purportedly depicted on the cinematic, graceful, murky music vid. 

It’s generally a sad song. But ironically, I’m happy about it.

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