Neon Trees | Sleeping With A Friend

I have a long history of madness over Neon Trees ‒ and merely looking back at Habit’s ‘Animal’ and ‘1983’ and Picture Show’s ‘Everybody Talks’ and ‘Lessons in Love’, instant nostalgia effortlessly kicks in. Now with the third album (Pop Psychology) released just yet, the primary hooker comes by the title of ‘Sleeping With A Friend’, which is subsequently used for the promotional vid (Adventures of Pop Psychology) of the album featuring the cartoon versions of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, among other shits (save for Selena Gomez). 

I admit I have this childish ability to hype myself for new stuff and retardedly giddy about it. And the initial love I give for a Neon Trees new stuff (‘Sleeping With A Friend’, in this case) is sustained. It never fades with time, much as I firstly appreciated its beauty, and brilliance, and that conflagration of elements at it comes out. I’ve been playing this track so hard since March and my love for it never changed an inch. ‘Sleeping With A Friend’ may seem like just another track, eventually will be forgotten, but with Tyler Glenn’s plaintive vocals, rich texture, and its heavy lyrics, I totally agree not. Listen: here.

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