Benjamin Francis Leftwich | Tilikum

Life as we know it, is always on a raging speed all the time. Unfortunately, there’s actually no way to slow it down. It just flows and go, then the next thing we know, we get sick, things get rough, hit by a car, and then we take a break, find a seat, until we feel better, not long after we realize we’re left behind, so then we chase, and everything’s back to a quick cycle of the get go. Everything seems to be on a rush and constantly being in a hurry is energy draining.  

Certainly, there's never been a real clear mapped out method with which to calm the tides of life. But there’s that one person that exudes the type of calm we should envy – the great Benjamin Francis fucking Leftwich. That when we talk about that need for a good spell of music for some dose of patience, he’s always on for the job. For some reason, the guy seems to be a committed nonchalant, being at the apex of his coolness all the fucking time making things chill look easy, and all cool, and yeah chilled, and oh right. On his latest hit, "Tilikum", he whisper sings his way into my side face holes and slowly strokes the part of my excitement that tells me it's okay to sit and stare at the floor for a while, take some time to loosen up, slowly chew at the dinner table, and breathe some fresh air.

If only we could always look at the bigger picture while enjoying the whole process. 

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