Tanya Markova | Hello Hello Hello

Many people haven’t heard of Tanya Markova yet. Or they already hev. And they just dont kerr. But who kerrs, kerrbears. Who’s missing out good music anyway? I actually wrote some good things about them before. Anyway,

True enough, these guys are strange, sort of sick, and complex-ly mind boggling with all these shits they’re dishing out during the past decade – who would even thought of using Levy Poe, or Iwa Motors, or Norma Love as screen names in the first place? But then they make a lot of sense. And with it, I love them. Even in their darkest moments, post Sugar K’s departure. And up to their huge comeback some three months ago without me knowing, which goes to show how left behind I have been from the music circulation.

Meanwhile, today marks the release of their second album called Tililing Tililing, a news I couldn’t let just pass without mentioning in this blog. And with the usual comic relief out of their opening treat in “Hello Hello Hello’, I’m completely flabberstonished; it’s official that I’m in love with their music all over again. I’ve been acquainted with this song some few years ago but watching its official music video for the first time today was a glorifying moment. Like, hello there, raped replay button.

Hello po! Kilala parin namin kayo. Di namin kayo kinalimutan..

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