Himig Handog Predix 2016

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With all those shits going on in our country today – the Kidapawan farmers assault, Mts. Apo and Kitanglad burning, the whole election roller coaster happening, and so on – sometimes it's hard not to be pessimistic toward humanity, with us humans and our greed for power and selfish nature, as humanity’s greatest hurdles. Maybe the first step to make our country a better place should start within ourselves – and it boils down to being grateful and contented of what we have as we could be despite the things we’re lacking.

And that sense of contentment and gratification is very much exemplified in some of the entries I’m putting my bet on to crack the top 5 for the 2016 Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs. Here goes..

Interpreter: Jolina Magdangal
Composer: Agatha and Melvin Morallos
It’s being satisfied with the little that’s the greatest wisdom. It’s practically that subtle head nod ear pillow we actually needed without knowing that we really needed it. Its very simplicity made it a standout even if it’s not of the usual formula for a top caliber hit around.

Interpreter: Janella Salvador and Marlo Mortel
Composer: Francis Louis Salazar
You get what you want when you want what you get. The dynamics on this single is highly commendable despite the fact that the composition is actually at par when compared to the other mid-tier entries. To say the least, this is one of the better duets in the competition simply by delivering a competitive take while keeping it cool. It’s that entry that’s both soul warming and mood cooling.

Interpreter: Itchyworms
Composer: Davey Langit
Well, Hasht5’s Marlou and his shitting highness gracing the video is already a given. Catchy as it is, this just gives an excellently cheesy but equally sincere take on the ever relatable topic – love unrequited, the endless circus chase. Well it's imperative to let go at some point, sit still, accept defeat, and allow contentment to come.

Interpreter: Barbie Almalbis
Composer: Nica del Rosario
Undoubtedly, “Ambon” is the best penned track for this batch. Talk about metaphors heart-warmingly and gracefully put into music. It’s very rare, that it takes a genius of a writer as Nica del Rosario to actually pull off such poetic “paano ba patitilain ang bagyo kung ang gusto mo lang ay ambon” lyrics referring to yet another familiar tale from the friendzone we somehow know all about. 

Interpreter: Kyla and Kris Lawrence
Composer: Jungee Marcelo
With the OPM evolution through the years, particularly on pop music, this “Monumento” formula has been proven effective with Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos’ “Dati” as well as the trio of Thyro Alfaro, Yumi Lacsamana, and Jeric Medina in “Triangulo” rocking it out in PhilPop. “Monumento” beyond its being a monumental hit is an outright message that to know you have enough is being rich beyond measure.

With such lovely songs on the loose, why not make peace and love not hate and war?

P.S. There are these other entries having their own strong spots and are equally huge contenders for a spot in the top 5. KZ Tandingan’s usual competitive vibe in “Laban Pa”, Kaye Cal’s cool take on “Nyebe”, and Michael Pangilinan/Angeline Quinto's "Parang Tayo Pero Hindi" are worthy of honorable mentions.

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