M83 | Solitude

Just keep me one more time, when I try to be a friend, so we can be together.

Desperately in need to fall right back at square one for the sake of finding that seemingly lost passion for writing once again, here I find myself comforting on this very page. Cos seriously I don’t know where to pick those broken pieces up yet, might as well share this well-told story off this nostalgic single I’m currently in love with, all courtesy of this “Midnight City” guy who’s set to release the upcoming Junk album next week. 

With this dreamy track conveniently titled “Solitude”– which is practically justified especially with that down-tempo, waterfalls feels of emotions over the synthesizer solo part, you could at once try letting those aching strings and tumbling pianos freely enter your system for that rocket ship ride for a virtual journey, as you drown with the spacey creeps it resonates. 

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