Red Hot Chili Peppers | Dark Necessities

I have my own personal attachment with RHCP way beyond the confines of music appreciation. There are a few bands in my life where the mere mention of a name brings me back to that exact moment I knew I loved them, RHCP being one of those. Those ‘Otherside’ and ‘Californication’ primary school days are so tightly associated with those childhood years.. up to the ‘Snow’ and ‘Raindance Maggie’ era as more shits continue to flow.. Every single time their songs randomly play, I am always reminded of more and more bit memories in the past, like that exact time of year I was dying over my bs thesis, or riding alone a bus going home, or simply walking around the campus killing time. Up until now, a single distant murmur of their song I can't quite hear all the way, instant fucking feels never fail to rise to the occasion.

And now here goes "Dark Necessities”, which will remind me in the future, of these moments I’m trying to make some moves to make things better.

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