Loud, Proud, Ours: PhilPop Predix 2016

There’s a huge chance I’ll be heading to PhilPop finals night next week, LIVE! though nothing’s really final yet. Talk about sudden flip of events. But the usual butterflies in my stomach are already dancing in keyed up swells right now. Being a huge fan of the local music since time immemorial, this mere thought in mind brings this inevitable twitterpating lunacy out of my system, itching to first-person-ally experience such glorious musical event. As usual, I’m equipped with my ever-reliable musical taste, lol, thus this list – of entries which I think will most probably seal the deal come July 23rd.

Interpreter: Nyoy Volante
Writer: Jeroel Maranan
While the music video is a colossal disappointment to say the least, my faith for this entry is still solid rock, biases aside. The track, being a worship song as it is, boils down to being thankful for the gift of life, for the grace of the higher being – which is the song’s very strength – its very foundation being anchored to a solid inspiration. I may not be huge believer but I very well understand where this song is coming from.

Interpreter: The Juans
Writer: Johann Garcia
This track isn’t hard to love. And while love at first sight is its main theme, love at first hear rather, was my immediate case since its Spotify release. “Binibini sa MRT” gives a refreshing take on how inspiration could actually be drawn from the most unexpected place at the most unconventional time, that before you’ll know it, it has already smitten you hard, down to your spines. It’s a matter of believing that  there is something more to this life than trying to find that someone to understand you, because at the end of the day, there is a possibility that person is there and understands you more than yourself. 

Interpreter: Acapellago feat. Jimmy Marquez
Writer: JC Jose
Though “Stars are Aligned” is not on my personal list of favorites, I bet it has a good fighting chance. Aside from the incoherence in the lyrics and a few more vague lines that needs further revising which could have been band-aid-ed with a little more effort in editing, it has all the other tricks to pull to win the race. It’s overflowing with optimism and shades of empowerment – that which I think, is its main weapon. It’s unique (being different is equated to standing out) and is a breath of fresh air (iit’s rather refreshing to have another formula which deviates from the usual trend in the recent past, but offers an equally good alternative).

Interpreter: Banda ni Kleggy feat. Aikee
Writer: Aikee Aplacador
With the advent of hugot jokes in the very recent past and even in current trends, it’s not really surprising to have hugot-inspired songs going on some rounds these days. And in all fairness to “Pabili Po”, it’s enough-ly cohesive and heavily on point with respect to the kind of theme and direction the song tries to point towards to. It somehow crosses that thin fine line between being clever and being trying hard, weighing in to the former. It presents a good contrast of being a raw novelty hit yet at some point, is actually a serious one, a good source of moral lessons, even. 

Interpreter: Bayang Barrios, Cooky Chua, and The Benjamins
Writer: Paolo and Miguel Guico
There are two extremely admirable things about this overly anthemic “Tinatangi” penned by lyric geniuses in Paolo and Miguel Guico. One, it’s a good surprise being an OPM love song we would not really expect to come out at this age when music has already evolved into something millennials defined music as it is. And two, it’s a celebratory tune with all the sense of adoration and joy and contentment in the world at its very core. But what I’m hugely in love with, was how love was defined as that thing we all need – dissecting it in stages parallel to a whole cycle of a day.. pagmulat ng araw, pagyakap ng dapithapon, pagsapit ng dilim.. hanggang sa paghimlay.. but paradoxically transcends the bounds of time. The essential add-ons were the veterans in Cooky Chua, and the legendary Bayang Barrios giving it the required breath to make the song an alive account of how glorious it is to live and love and let things just fall on their right places. Overall, it’s effortlessly moving in a lot of ways that makes it an enoughly, outright frontrunner. 

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