Let It Go

As soon as the dusts and the heavy smog have settled as the year of the wood horse came in, certain 2013 music remnants remained as gems to my ears, which double-purposely, taught me some lessons I have had hard time digesting even so before (tags: Passenger, Demi Lovato, and Gary Barlow―all of which basically revolves around such painful concept, letting go.

Well we all go through long, rough, and colourful history of letting go―material things we lost, daily battles we lose, abstract concepts we don't understand, and people who have touched our lives who left  us. I have lost a few family members, bade goodbye to some valued friends, permanently lost a best friend at an early age after a tragic accident, and let go of some more people which I consider important to my life. It’s always hard to accept that the people who came to our lives, who made us happy, who listened to us as we speak, who offered their shoulders when we needed them, will eventually leave―because we hold on to that thought that they’ll be right there, beside us, all the time―that when it’s time for them to go, that when it’s their time to leave, it’s just hard, rock hard, to let go of them. We wish that it’s as easy as locking the door when we’re forcing our pets to spend time with us when it comes to hoping people to stay with us, which unfortunately, will never be the case. This is how life works. Everything’s destined to eventually leave. And sometimes we’re just being too self-centered that oftentimes we think that the letting-go part is all about us when in fact, it’s actually about them. 

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