Lorde, Lourd, Lured, & a whole lot more..

There is a proven inverse relationship between the songs I like and the fame they enjoy (e.g. positions on various charts, record sales, and airplays). More often than not, I tend to fall for the less popular ones. When the entire city is partying over the outbreak of a breakout hit, I usually search for the corner, put my headphones on, and go find something else to like.  But 2013 is one major exception. The tables are turned and I somehow jumped into the bandwagon. Majority of the tracks that I hugely listened to this year were mainly chart-toppers. So here goes the rolls, my own set of rolls:

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13. Lorde – Royals (43 plays). While I’m digging and expecting for a step harder rock and roll for 2013, I didn’t see this Lorde track coming. I was on the fence about this single for quite a time, not because it wasn’t good but because I was disturbed by the whole Queen Bee shit. Nevertheless, the innovative way the whole prod was crafted, audio- & visual-wise, is way too impressive.

12. Radioactive Sago Project – Trip (44 plays). Heard it first on Tower Sessions, and this turned out to be one of my tower faves. Indeed, one of all time greats. Lourd De Veyra is such a genius. 

11. Up Dharma Down – Indak (48 plays). Who’s not lured with an Armi Millare anyway. While I declared much of my love for ‘Luna’ and ‘Turn It Well’ shortly after the release of Capacities late last year, this other gem, with a raging core of infidelity, happened to already have a secured corner on my heart.

10. Panic! At The Disco – This is Gospel (54 plays). This track had put me into much trouble during that one November Saturday afternoon  persuading me to some flames of sincerity. I listened eagerly, but the next thing I knew, I did something I somehow regret right now.

9. Sam Concepcion & Tippy Dos Santos feat. Quest – Dati (59 plays). This 90s-inspired track nailed me to it after the first encounter mainly of the lyrics. The song has a vulnerable yet powerfully resonating beat narrating a perfectly cinematic throwback a few decades back. I may not be a huge Sam or Tippy fan, but with a song that sounds this good, who the hell even gives a shit?

8. Phillip Phillips – Gone Gone Gone (75 plays). Used as a main track during AI 2013, this The World From The Side Of The Moon single has undoubtedly been a commercial success. But much to that, I have more personal success stories associated with this one.

7. Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (86 plays). Just to reiterate myself, this one’s just perfect in every way: the folk element, the crowd shouts, and the lyrics were just too brilliant. Surely, this sound will grab you a little by the balls.

6. Passion Pit – Carried Away (89 plays). There were many instances that this track was played on loop on my playlist, and most of the time, I’ve been carried away.

5. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know (94 plays). This track hopelessly exceeded my expectations. I was still madly in love with ‘Evil Twin’ when this came out but I found myself even more in love with this as the year approaches its end.

4. Dong Abay – Maskara (110 plays). This is an undeniably exceptional cover of that 1974 Juan Dela Cruz Band masterpiece. Stripped from On The Job, which I still fail to see until now, I’m still in awe by its hard-hitting charm and impact, effortlessly because it’s Dong Abay.

3. Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You (150 plays). Some songs stand on their own but oftentimes, people draw their own interpretations from such. But this The Waterboys original is quite straightforward exploring that fine line between love and time. Suffice to say, this is a reminder of those situations in our lives in which we’re not very happy or proud about. Its resonant lyrics were an utter figure for formal inventiveness and emotional correctness, that, at the end of the day, are still unhappy.

2. Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait (179 plays). I owe a lot from this track and every single off M&S’ 2012 album Babel. I couldn’t imagine how I could get through with that thing without these tracks. But the sadder fact is the news that we won’t be hearing much from them for a considerable amount of time as confirmed by their hiatus announcement late this year.

1. Banda ni Kleggy – Discolamon (194 plays). This. 

Happy holidays everyone!

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