Rascal Flatts | Rewind

Being a huge country music fan, and at the same time, largely acquainted to strong electric guitar riffs, Rascal Flatts’ ‘Rewind’, a track weaved in modern sonic trends with a twist of summer love clichés, has effortlessly secured a safe spot on my Valentine current playlist. While RF’s solid streamline of tracks basically sounds alike, they’ve managed to stay fit as far as the ever-changing landscape of music industry is concerned. Needless to say, I have had a fair share of those heavy ‘What Hurts The Most’ moments during those pretty glorious days and radio invasion. And while RF quite retains their trademark harmonies and unearthy country feels as encapsulated in ‘Rewind’, their current sound is weirdly non-reminiscent of their previous tracks. It must be the loose, uptempo, power ballad in it which leads to a distinctly different ground. The song and its official video (which was released roughly 10 hours ago) were obviously about rewind―and whatnots. The vid, however, was a bit mediocre, visually unpleasant, and disturbing at times; 0:57-1:01 which cues for a Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Ikot-Ikot’ feel. Generally, there’s nothing special about the whole vid, except if you’re a large Rascal Flatts follower.

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