Coldplay | Magic

At the age of 20s, your mind will soon wander and wonder about the meaning, the purpose, and all sorts ‒ not just in terms of school, or jobs, but life. Many things will have to become so unhinged, or at least have the perception of recently being unhinged. More often than not, this would be the case for everyone, this unhinging, unfastening of the things that make sense, that will surface, that stays hidden, that obfuscation in between the things around, and in the world, and everything under the sun. That unfortunately, will all just result to an end just as clear as mud. And while we’re all busy with the search, I occasionally choose to get drowned with music. Sincere music at that. And when sincere music is what’s there to look for, nothing beats those straightforward tracks, Coldplay’s ‘Magic’, being a timely example. It’s a direct track, despite the vague use of magic in itself, no side meanings whatsoever. What you hear, is what’s there for you to get. Given that it’s hard to literally share what we mean ‒ to even find something in us that we wholeheartedly mean, to marry genuineness with the unerring ruthlessly direct approach. But Coldplay just did.

It felt good writing that, it feels good listening to this.

And it sure felt even better listening, and writing again.

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