Johnoy Danao & Aiza Seguerra | Bakuran

There are only few greater joys in life than treating ourselves with the sound that perfectly satisfies our ears’ and soul’s needs. And I couldn’t be any happier with the fact that Sir Johnoy Danao (the most sincere local musician I know in my lifetime) is finally releasing the Samu’t Sari album and is set to hit the market in four days. With the sampler released two weeks ago, I’m a little more than excited about the rest of the album. 

On top of everything else, ‘Bakuran’ which surprisingly has Aiza Seguerra on it is I think the biggest hooker, next to the foreverly crafted ‘Ikaw at Ako’. Simply with that a-little-over-a-minute-clip (10:45-12:12), you’ll feel that feeling of dreaming inside of a dream with those underlying layers of sounds that somehow carry that unrequited and unsaid feeling  that allow you to tap on whatever the f*ck that feeling is, and doing so in the most soothing way possible. Plus for that Aiza Seguerra floater towards the chorus which magically comforts in an instance when you don’t even know you needed comforting, bringing you into climbing skyscrapers unknowingly reaching those steaming piles of glorious skyline rubbles. 

'Bakuran' is basically a torpe song which is entirely stunning, epic, deeply personal, and most importantly moving, giving a fresh touch on ways about breaking barriers of the famous friendzone. This record could never, in any way, go wrong, no matter how such a respectable and huge name as Johnoy Danao is foreign to you.

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